Essay on Analytical Learning And Pedagogy Learning

Essay on Analytical Learning And Pedagogy Learning

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There is quite a big difference between, analytical learning and pedagogy learning. First I will start with the short definition of the two.

Pedagogy-embodies teacher-focused education and is the art and science of educating a child, in other words it is the teacher assumption responsibility for making all the decisions about what, when, and how the student learns. The name itself is the Greek word for child.(pg, 8)

Analytical- is the art and science of helping adults learn. Analytical was a term introduced by Knowls (1980) he believed adults learn differently than children.(pg, 9) The pedagogy dates back to Plato. (pg, 8)

In my experience with grad schools today children are still being taught in a pedagogy style, it is almost robotic, “do this do that, now tell me what you learned” and the student seems to be just repeating the information back to the teacher, they did not truly learn the assignment. Knows belief that helping the students learn is a much more effective way of teaching from what I have read. I Know as an adult student Knows way is how I learn best.

(COE 1010 College Orientation Experience: Author: Bethel University)

I am going to talk about how using the online library to do my research, will be different from going to a traditional library for my research.

In today 's world everything is online, so I am used to gathering information from the internet, so I will not be going into this world of online library to do my research. With the bethel online library there is a lot of information,(pg.4) I can see me having trouble knowing where to look, for the correct book or paper I need. With a traditional library if you cannot find the information you are looking for, you just walk up to the desk and tel...

... middle of paper ... are unstoppable.” (T.R) “If knowledge is power, then we the lifelong learners are the powerful.” I strive to be a lifelong learner, as should you. Do not just learn the minimum required to get by in life and or your studies, for if you stop at good enough, you will never know how if feels to be great. I think the definition of a lifelong learner is this, it is someone who is always willing to learn of new ideas and new information, and will seek out ways of expanding their knowledge, taking all they know and all they have learned and putting it to good use. They will never say, “no thank you, I already know all I need to on that subject.” instead they will say, “tell me more”. To me that is what a lifelong learner is, and this is what I strive to be.

(pg. 2, coe1010 college orientation experience, Author, Bethel University)

(T.R, Tammy Roney self quote)

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