Analyzing and Argumentative Essay: Grades and Self-Esteem

Analyzing and Argumentative Essay: Grades and Self-Esteem

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Analyzing an Argumentative Essay: “Grades and Self- Esteem”
What is self- esteem? Self- esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. In “Grades & Self- Esteem”, author Randy Moore (2007) stated that the level of performance of the students decreased while schools are building the self- esteem in the students. Author Alfie Kohn (1994) stated in his article “The Truth about Self- Esteem” to contradict Moore’s opinion that academics and self- esteem are not related. Moore discussed some beneficial points which are useful for the students, but in some cases his argument was not giving better meaning. I agree from Moore’s article that the American students do not perform as well academically as students from other countries. I do not agree from Moore’s opinion that the emphasis on self- esteem is responsible for the poor performance. Where as the student’s level of self- esteem may not determine his or her future, good self- esteem can motivate the student to study hard and reach his or her academic potential.
Randy Moore (2007) stated that people are complaining that students are not good in academic performance: “Only 11% of eight- graders in California’s public schools can solve seventh – grade math problems” (p. 118). Kie Ho (2007) gave an example of complaints by the immigrant that German said on his son’s first day as a freshman, his school included multiplication and division on his mathematics test (p. 112). Moore (2007) stated that, due to too many mistakes by U. S workers, the tasks are moved to other countries. In my opinion, the reason for outsourcing the work is that in other countries the labor cost is cheaper compared to America and also America has good economy, so Moore‘s opinion was not acceptable.


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...nce. High self- esteem could lead to over- confidence which engage the students in doing wrong activities. Low self- esteem could lead to depressions, which allow the students to attempt suicide. Both high and low self- esteem causes the students in different ways.

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