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The Center For Career & Technology Education Essay

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The Center for Career & Technology Education, also known as CCTE, is not just an ordinary high school. CCTE is a high school that students get transported from their local high school at no cost. The Center for Career & Technology Education is a magnet school. Students are allowed to choose any program they desire. For example, CCTE has different programs located in each classroom. At any time walking down the halls people can hear a dog bark, smell fresh cookies being baked, and see students doing electrical work. It is a school that offers many opportunities for inspiring high school students. The school offers a variety of programs for high school students to accompany their career clusters. There are twenty-nine programs that students can choose from and nine dual credit classes. The most popular programs at CCTE are pharmacy technician, veterinary assistant, sports medicine, cosmetology, and information technology. Inside these marvelous programs, students receive hands on training and real life situations. The Center for Career & Technology Education opens a lot of doors for high school students when they enter their field of choice. Although, CCTE helps educate high school students, it also creates a more service-oriented community. This essay will look at these issues by interviewing both the principle as well as a student of CCTE.

I spoke to Matthew Farley the principal of CCTE and asked him, “What makes CCTE a unique magnet school?” He said, “Students attending CCTE receive hands on training inside the classroom. There’s never a time a student reads off a book to learn material, everything is hands on.” Additionally, I asked Mr. Farley, “How do students get transported from their home campus to CCTE?” Mr. Farley sta...

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...while attending high school. He is the only student at his campus that has received the Pharmacy Technician certification. Things are going very well for Joey, and he has also received acceptance letters from competitive colleges.
The Center for Career & Technology Education benefits our community in different ways. An example is the pharmacy technician program where students are able to assist at nursing homes. Students have high knowledge about their career and are able to give back to their community by helping the elderly with their medications. Another example is the veterinary assistant program where students are able help out animals at the local zoo and animal clinics. They use their knowledge by helping out the community with the sick animals. Every program at CCTE gives back to our community in different ways by helping our community grow and prosper.

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