Essay on Changes in Education as a Result of Technology

Essay on Changes in Education as a Result of Technology

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"Books will soon be obsolete in the public schools...our school system will
be completely changed inside of ten years"(Thomas Edison). Education has
been a fundamental part of human life for thousands of years. Until recently,
technology has given rise to a new way of teaching college students. Technology
is paving the way for a more powerful approach for learning, which
can create both opportunities and challenges. Digital technology can create and
provide students with information in ways never seen before. However with
technology benefiting students needs, it can serve as a drawback as well. Loss of
communication skills and incompatible technology issues are just a few of the
many examples of how digital technology can negative factor in education. The
rapid evolution of technology will hopefully prove to be an advantage with college
students’ achieving their educational studies.

Before technology was introduced in the college classroom, the traditional style of learning consists of long lectures. A lecture is a method where teachers are considered the central focus of the class. The teacher typically stands in front
of the class and transfers the information to the students. As the teacher gives the lectures, students are expected to be taking notes. This raises the issue of students lacking the opportunity of asking questions, or having class discussions with their peers and teachers. If the students find the lectures boring it can also cause them to be less focused. S...

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... and focused on the teacher”. Sophie was also asked if using SMART boards in class made her more interactive in class discussions. Sophie answered, “ Unlike long lectures where all the information is being taught by the instructor, SMART boards give me the opportunity to ask more questions regarding the topic.”

In recent years, technology has played an important role in educating students’ to further expand their educational experience. With the surplus of information and programs available on computers and SMART boards, college students are more motivated and interested in learning. However, these digital devices can also be drawbacks to their education as well. In the future they may be faced with an increase in grammatical and punctuation errors.

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