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Criterion 5 – Communicates with influence.
The basis of good communication is the ability to both send and receive oral messages in a clear, concise, courteous and accurate manner. I possess excellent communication skills, proven by my ability to listen attentively, speak clearly, write concisely and compile well researched and factual information in a structured and direct manner. I am able to translate information for others and focus on clearly communicating key points. I use plain English, limit jargon and abbreviations and explain complex information using language appropriate for the audience. I encourage debate to identify common ground for mutually beneficial outcomes.
As the Director (a/g) IT - Building the Education Revolution Taskforce (BER) I managed the BER IT system development and implementation. The system requirements were very complex, due to the enormity of the program ($14.7b) and the huge number (30000) of sizable projects to be funded. The task of developing and implementing the BER system was significantly impacted by the extremely tight deadlines BER operates under. Ensuring robust and achievable outcomes was an ongoing challenge in the fast paced environment, especially when the Schools Systems, who was developing the systems, was stretched to the hilt with other simultaneous projects. I successfully negotiated the development and implementation of the IT system for BER within the budget and deadline. I use my negotiation skills and aptitude for innovation to find alternatives to ensure successful outcomes. I kept stakeholders up-to-date, consulted on options and progress issues efficiently and effectively so that friction is mitigated. I am not afraid of criticism and deal with tension promptly and d...

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... the private and public arena. This includes a number of years in the private sector as a Finance/Operations/Business Manager and in the public sector in the Department of Finance and over a decade as an accountant in Finnish Foreign Affairs. As well as number of years managing the resourcing and budgeting of a Cooperative Research Centre. I have a good understanding of Government finances including the FMA Act, resourcing and budgeting, demonstrated for example by my positions as:
- a Director (a/g) Australian Technical Colleges ($289m), Finance and State Liaison Section,
- a Director (a/g) Building the Education Revolution ($16.2b), IT and Communications Section,
- a Director (a/g) Investing In Our Schools Programme and FFI – Staff 30, program value $1.2b and $10m,
- a Budget Analyst in Department of Finance,
- an Auditor in AirServices Australia.

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