Developing an Analytical Approach to Industrial Relations Policy Essay

Developing an Analytical Approach to Industrial Relations Policy Essay

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Using theoretical frameworks outlined in the lecture given in week 3, explain to Ms CCCCC the different ways in which the employment relationship can be conceptualised

Dear Ms CCCCC, firstly we want to define what industrial relations is. An industrial relations is a policy that approaches the employees, and acts as a reference for the management, where the actions that underlies the industrial relations is set by a formal authority in the organisation (Brewster, Gill, Richbell, 1981). The legislation of industrial relations, Fair Work Act 2009 is important, as it has a goal to create fairness with obligations and rights between an employer and employee. Any changes or development in the legislation will have obvious impact on the industrial relations. The Fair Work Act 2009 will be discussed furthermore later.

Another name for industrial relations is employment relationship, and it can be divided into three steps, economic exchange, power relationship and continuous and open-ended contract. The first group, economic exchange under the name of industrial relations is the relationship between an employer and employee based on an agreement over the sale of the employee’s work. Generally the employer have more power on the employee when it comes to terms and conditions of the work (Blades, 1967). But there are also other parts of the contract the employer has less influences on, for example the wages and working hours, that is already determined by the legal laws, the Fair Work Act 2009. As highlighted before, the law will be furthermore discussed later.

The second element, power relationship is where the employee agrees to work for the authority, and accepts the directions of the employer. It demands a certain commitme...

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..., tasks that they can see themselves develop has to be done to the employee. This can increase the effort and performance in the work, and most important of all, strengthen the employment relationship.


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