Education System And Integration Of Technology Essay

Education System And Integration Of Technology Essay

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I. Introduction
Education is the basis of the modern world with it becoming standardized in all first world countries. With the Information Age, society has begun to adapt and engross technology into their daily lives. The technology has begun a way of life for the younger generations and has changed the way they communicate and learn. With this in mind, much of education in public schools in the United States have not changed in correlation with the Information Age. The rate at which information students can absorb is significantly less, causing a slump in their education. The solution to this is a change in the education system and integration of technology into all aspects of education in order for the young generations to excel.

II. Summary
Some would say that the Information Age started in 1984 in which the world as it once was would forever change for the better. Without technology, much of education was done in a traditional manner. Students would be taught the conventional way by orally reciting what was being taught. Techniques by each teacher were unique and the teacher was in control of the classroom regardless of the needs of each unique individual. With some minor technological advancements in the classroom, change has already been seen by many educators (Richtel). With the decreased attention span of students due to the extensive use of technology, conventional teaching is ineffective. Technology today has become a rapid information spitter and young generations have begun to adapt. They are no longer able to sit and absorb from textbooks slowly but instead require media such as videos, pictures, and games (Richtel).
Even though teachers are not well-versed in technology, it is crucial for the modern technology to...

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...ology that has already become obsolete (Biancarosa). New technologies will only continue to widen this gap. The simple solution to this is that schools and districts must subsidize these tools for the students. It should not be the responsibility of the students and their families to supply what is fundamental to a modern classroom. This does expose a larger societal problem that cannot be simply addressed. Economic division in education has always prevailed and technology has the possibility of damaging it (Goldin). Between richer and poorer districts, a division of technology will be apparent and skill levels will ultimately be significantly different. This is however a reality that revolves around society and the basis of a capitalistic nation. It is a fact that must be accepted and looked over in order to maintain a competitor in the international education race.

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