Essay about The Future Of Education Is Not A Budding Technology

Essay about The Future Of Education Is Not A Budding Technology

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When discussing the future of education, a great deal of attention and focus is given to the new technologies that have entered the market in recent years. Everything from specialized computing devices, to flexible classroom designs, to the elimination of physical classroom settings is, and continues to be, the dominating part of education-centered conversations.
However, while these bells and whistles make education shiny, there is no escaping the fundamental flaws in the current educational system. Students in the United States, regardless of how they learn (traditional classroom, online, new technology, etc.), are falling behind students from other countries, and much of the blame can fall to the shortcomings offered by our institutions of higher learning (Bidwell).
Therefore, it can be argued that the most dramatic factor influencing the future of higher education is not a budding technology – and in fact, it may not even be something that can physically be seen or touched. Analytics and data are widely available resources, but both are currently being underutilized by a majority of higher education institutions.
While the concept of basing institutional decision-making on data is widely used in most industries, the fact that many leaders in the higher education realm still rely on personal experiences and instincts shows that many institutions of higher learning have yet to adapt to the technology revolution, and are, therefore performing a disservice to their students and shareholders by being behind the times (Wildy, Forster, Louden, Wallace).
The move toward using data and hard evidence to make decisions is commonly used and cited in many evolving fields outside of education. One area where this shift can be seen is i...

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...nd guiding education reform, and 2) the assistance they can provide educators in improving teaching and learning. Administrators, educators, and students need a strong base on which to build and enact growth and development. The information provided by real-time insight into the performance of students – especially at-risk students – is invaluable to the future of improving educational offerings. For students, receiving instant feedback and data about their performance can provide significant growth and development opportunities. For administrators and other decision-makers who are tasked with directing these institutions through a sea of uncertainty with budget cuts and global competition, data can be used to allocate resources in a more efficient manner, help develop key competitive advantages, and improve the overall learning experience offered by the institution.

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