Essay on Gun Control, Good Idea Or Bad Idea?

Essay on Gun Control, Good Idea Or Bad Idea?

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Gun Control, Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Have you ever been minding your own business at the bank and soon your life was changed forever? Greeting the bank teller when a hooded man pulls out a gun. “Bang! Bang!” Horrific screaming all around you. Has Doug, (your father) ever been bleeding all over the floor begging you for help. Have you ever felt helpless starring as the hooded man while he’s shooting your father and not being able to defend yourself? No? Me neither, but it happens. Without protection, we are helpless to those with harmful intentions. America would be better off if it started training its citizens and putting guns in their hands as the Bill of Rights intended instead of putting up “No firearms aloud” signs.

Blanket firearm banning of all guns from certain places or buildings can’t possibly be that great of an idea. Play out this same scenario only when the hooded man pulls a gun, so do two bank tellers and three other civilians. It’s been said, “The only thing that can stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.” (Lapierre) Gun control in the form of blanket banning can and will only provide easy targets for criminals. It quite literally takes away protection from those that will obey the laws and go through proper channels to obtain guns allowing criminals a nonresistant target.

Gun laws that ban guns from all non-law enforcement individuals is not only un-constitutional, but also a terrible decision. Adding one more gun law to stop school shootings or hate crimes is pure ignorance. If someone commits a school shooting, he/she will have already broken many gun laws, adding one more isn’t likely to change much. Also more than likely the said “weapon” was obtained illegally...

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...nt already has the advantage of surprise, why allow them to have superior weapons as well?

Instead, if we decided to take the initiative to defend ourselves and the ones we care about with the tools and resources available to us, we will begin to stand against those that want to steal, kill, and destroy. If American citizen seek out training and dedicate ourselves to discipline of firearms, we can come alongside of those already defending us daily. Together we can make our homes, City’s, States, and nation a better, safer America. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the individual to be self-controlled enough to maintain a level head. Crime and violence will always exist whether it’s theater shootings, knife stabbings, or the playground bully. The underline issue in America today isn’t a gun problem or even a control problem, it’s a heart problem.

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