I Have Never Been A Strong Analytical Writer Essay

I Have Never Been A Strong Analytical Writer Essay

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I have never been a strong analytical writer. Though I am good with analytic thinking in mathematical and scientific concepts, and I am an okay writer when there is something I can discuss with passion, I cannot seem to bring those two fields together in order to produce a cohesive whole that communicates useful information. Given this, I feel that I have not made great progress thus far, I have grown and made some important changes in my analysis and organization, for which I hope to improve even after I finish high school.
My primary growth during my high school years has focused on the way I write, rather than what I write. Analysis within my essays have always been hit-or-miss, sometime pinpointing the correct patterns, while other times being vaguely correct about some coincidental pattern. Looking back to my seventh grade year work and onward, the structuring of the five part essay has shifted substantially. For example, my sophomore year essays kept the evidence and analysis separate, while my senior essays tends to integrate the quote and analysis together into a single sentence. Another shift is that I used to have separate sentences for my hook and bridge, but due the need for efficient writing on the AP test, my hook and bridge are put together in the same sentence, if it is even used at all. Another growth within my current essays have been the increasing use of specialized word, particularly those found within the latter half of my high school life. This allows increased precision in the way I phrase my analysis, meaning that despite the my consistent level of analysis, I can give the reader greater clarity on my actual meaning.
Senior year was also a time where I experimented with different style t...

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... If I can, I will try to set deadlines and milestones to reach well in advance of the final date, hopefully keeping my stress manageable, while also not pushing myself to finish early and make mistakes. In the long run, this will lead less stress on my part, and a better written work.
Writing to me has always felt the the most tedious way to introduce my ideas out into the world. For me, my writing provides too many constraints that diminish my actual thought. But there is something that writing has allowed me to do beyond the normal reading and thinking. It has taught me to stop and read, look at all the information given, be concise in my thought, and most importantly, think about what I say, how I say it, and why I say it at all. Ultimately, I hope that all of the skills and experience that I have acquired will assist me in my college life and further on.

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