The Impact Of Technology On Physical Education Classroom Essay

The Impact Of Technology On Physical Education Classroom Essay

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Using Technology in the Physical Education Classroom

By: Michael Latham

Spring 2016

Educational psychology

I’m currently doing my student teaching in a physical education classroom so my paper will be over technology in the physical education classroom.

Using Technology in Physical Education

Is it possible to incorporate technology into physical education class? Many people would think that it isn’t possible. When people think of incorporating technology into education, they think of computers, smart boards, power point presentations, internet, tablets and plenty of other things. The physical education technology used in the gym is different from the normal classroom technology that is used in the everyday classroom. There are a lot of different technology implements a teacher could use to make teaching in a physical education easier like pedometers, heart rate monitors, and exergames. Technology is everywhere we look. Today’s students are digital geniuses compared to how their parents were when they were the same age. Todays students are growing up in a world where they have been playing with and using technology their whole lives. Teachers now face a generation of students who have never known life without a computer, video game console, cellular phone or Internet access unlike their parents who may have never used any of this technology while they were growing up. Since we have so much technology available to us physical education teachers should take advantage of it and help the students learn from it. The rapid growth of technology over the past three decades has provided us with many new and inventive ways for physical education teachers to teach instructional materials efficiently. Classrooms used to ...

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