The Impact Of Technology On The Social Education Essay

The Impact Of Technology On The Social Education Essay

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In recent years, as fast as technology developed, it is becoming a trend that more and more people and education organizations such as schools start to use technology for teaching. During this period, problems break out which lead people to rethink about it. Technology development can be defined as the level of technology increased to combine with education which made the opportunity of education, equality and basically increased the efficiency at the same time. The term of “education” refers to the teaching method in both backward as well as improve area by using technology. This essay will discuss the positive impacts and negative impacts of an influence of technology to the social education which include the effect in foundations of education, the attraction and influence of students by using technology, the change of efficient of education.

Firstly, the using of technology in foundation education in schools is not rare anymore. Those learning technology divided in two parts, personalized learning and learning analytic. Nowadays, students in different countries, different area can have same knowledge by using learning management system, mobile device, app, social media tools, online system, as well as school can use differentiated methods for teaching. Furthermore a research shows that several Australia and oversea students of all levels enjoy learning with technology. In the US a program named “Project Tomorrow”, the teacher and students communicate almost via online email. Not only put out school work and online communicate one by one, but as well as students can access to get the document and get their own feedback. That’s said the student could get individually analyze. The schools which will take part in project tomorro...

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...ional teaching is common. In positive impact, people use technology to complete the communication between teacher and students, also get data and feedback as soon as possible. By connecting to the internet cloud people save time and space. Importantly, the using of technology on education help disable students and make austere area are able to get knowledge and information from the outside world. However in negative impact, young student could easily be attracted by mobile phone, internet and games, which affect their emotion and motivation on the study. It might become a serious problem for school to control the balance of traditional teaching and using technology. Therefore, it could be argued that the positive impact of technology in education is more than negative impact due to both technology and education has been closed linked and complementary to each other.

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