Is Technology Affecting Teens ' Education Negatively? Essay

Is Technology Affecting Teens ' Education Negatively? Essay

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How has introduction of technology influenced the education system?

Nuttall, Elizabeth. "Is Technology Affecting Teens ' Education Negatively?" Weblog post.LIVESTRONG.COM. LIVESTRONG.COM, 14 May 2013. Web. 24 July 2016.

The author talks about pros and cons of using technology. She mentions about the expansion of opportunities and regarding the access to information on the web. The students no longer need to take lengthy lecture notes, ultimately saving time by completing the work over the computer instead of writing or drawing. Cons associated with technology include facing difficulties in performing the tasks manually. Like using the spell checks and using calculators while completing the assignments. At the times of technical difficulties it is important to be prepared with other ways to make the students involved in tasks. It is definitely affecting the teenagers by making them tempt with the social networking sites and use games.
These details would be useful when I would be describing the pros and cons related to the use of technology.

Allyn, and Bacon. "What Is the Impact of Technology on Learning?" N.p., 2009. Web. 24 July 2016.
The authors have gone through various researches to find out the relation or technology with Content area learning, Reading Comprehension, Language acquisition, Test scores, Learner Motivation and Self-Esteem. The studies done gives us an idea of and the negative aspects of the use technology. They reported that the reviews show that technology can have a positive effect on student attitudes toward learning, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Other reviews have reported that technology has been found to ...

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...ids start using mobile devices when they are 5 to 8 years old. 30% of the apps on parents’ mobile are downloaded specially for their children’s usage. This shows how greatly has technology influenced education. Computers and other electronic devices are best way to engage students. Everyone has different styles of learning, some get engaged by traditional way while other get attracted by these technological devices. One of the benefits is that students can learn from anywhere. Tablets, Desktop computers, iPads, etc., One the other hand opposers try to avoid using technological tools as it reduces the amount of physical activity. The approach of using technology comes with combination and therefore it is responsibility of the parents and educators to utilize it properly.
This information will be useful in showing the impact of technology by both the sides.

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