Journal Entries about the Books I've Read Essay

Journal Entries about the Books I've Read Essay

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"A Worn Path"
This story was a bit strange to me. Around the middle of the story I thought that Phoenix's grandson was dead because he drank the lye. When she was walking down the path she was talking to herself, and to the animals and plants. It seemed that Phoenix was insane, and that she thought her grandson was still alive and he needed the medicine for his throat when he was dead and gone. When she arrived at the doctors, the head doctor said it had been three years since he first drank the lye, and that made me think that the grandson was dead. Phoenix Jackson's memory in the story was not good because the only thing she seemed to remember was that she needed to bring her grandson his medicine. In the end I realized the grandson might not be dead. Phoenix might have Alzheimer's disease, but her love for her grandson caused her to make a long journey for the medicine for his throat. whether or not her grandson is dead is not the point of the story. I think the story is about undying love and devotion the child. This story was a little confusing because I did not know her grandson was alive or not. I assumed that the little boy would be dead after drinking lye because it burns the esophagus, and the time of the setting disease would have surely claimed the young boy. To me the tone of the story seemed mysterious because I did not know whether the woman was walking the path for no reason because her grandson was dead.

"This is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona"
The tone of the story was sadness. The man's father had recently died, and he has to go to Phoenix, Arizona to collect his father's belongings. The man also needed to bring his father's body back so that the tribe could properly bury him. I thought the title of th...

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...otions, just like men of this day and age. The story made me mad when I read that the Chrysanthemums were dumped into the dirt and the lady had said "at least he kept the pot." If I were her I would want to kick his butt for throwing away something that I cared for. The woman did not say anything to her husband about what happened, and I do not know what made her silent about what happened, but whatever the reason was, it was hers and hers alone. The woman said to herself that at least the man kept the pot she had put the plants in, but if I were here I would want the man to keep his word and take the plants to the woman. If the woman did not really exist I would have wanted the man to at least not dump the plant where it could not have been seen. The tone of this story in the beginning was cheerful because the man was celebrating, and he wanted to take his wife out.

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