Legalization of Marijuana in Uruguay Essay

Legalization of Marijuana in Uruguay Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana in Uruguay

"Someone has to be the first" said José Mujica, president of Uruguay (“Uruguay”). On December 12, 2013. After a long debate, Uruguay became the first country to legalize selling and harvesting marijuana (Reyes). All sights are set on this small country in the east of South America that has authorized the drug (“Uruguay”). The rest of the Latin American countries are seeing whether legalizing the drug will solve all the problems occurring because of it. The Senate approved 16-13 votes for the bill to be legalized. The people of Uruguay, after hearing the news, went out to the streets celebrating the legalization of weed and it is said that all the shops sold out of it that day (Antunes). Although the legalization of cannabis in Uruguay can have a few health risks, there are also many health and safety benefits for the people of the country.
Around the world many people argue that legalizing cannabis will change the human brain in certain ways, and studies show it does. Marijuana can cause various brain abnormalities as well as affect fertility. Heavy use of marijuana can lead to memory loss and brain abnormalities. The ingredients in marijuana affect the hippocampus, making it difficult for the brain to process and form congruent thoughts. Studies examined a group of people from ages 17 to 23 and measured their IQ before and after the use of marijuana (Rey et. al). On those individuals, the results showed the people who would smoked more than five joints a week had their IQ lower by an average of four points. Additionally, various data demonstrated that smoking marijuana lead to a worse performance at school, including having a worse attitude and a bad attendance (Rey. et. al). As well as menta...

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