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In order for a school to have an effective Selection Policy, there must be basic components to it. This author will attempt to compare the Selection Policy from Canutillo ISD to the components presented by the American Library Association. The ALA article states “a good policy on the selection of instructional materials will be relevant to your particular system and include basic sections on objectives, responsibility, criteria, procedures for selection, reconsideration of materials, and policies on controversial materials.” (Workbook for Selection Policy Writing, Revised 1999)
The Selection Policy from Canutillo ISD contains an objectives component. It summarizes the District’s directives in allowing “District professional staff to select and acquire instructional resources.” (CISD Board Policy EFA, 2002) The objectives section includes the definition of “instructional resources”, which this author feels could use further explanation of what “supplemental materials, electronic resources, and any other materials” comprise. (CISD Board Policy EFA, 2002)
The primary statement of policy includes the following: “Although trained professional staff is afforded the freedom to select instructional resources for their use in accordance with this policy and the state mandated curriculum, the ultimate authority for determining and approving the curriculum and instructional program of the District lies with the Board.” (CISD Board Policy EFA, 2002) There is no clarification of whom the trained professional staff is. This statement would be more effective in the objectives component so that the public is aware of where the final selection decision resides.
The CISD Selection Policy does not contain a procedure for acquiring resour...

... middle of paper ... reasonably possible, the committee shall meet and determine whether the challenged material conforms to the principles of selections set out on this policy. (CISD Selection Policy EFA, 2002) There should be a defined time wherein the committee shall meet. The ALA recommends that this be within ten working days of the complaint. (Workbook for Selection Policy Writing, Revised 1999) “The decision made by the committee is binding to the individual school.” (Workbook for Selection Policy Writing, Revised 1999) This fact should be included in the component for future complainants’ information.

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