Literary Analysis : ' A Worn Path ' Essay

Literary Analysis : ' A Worn Path ' Essay

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Literary Analysis

Theresa Duarte

ENG 125 Introductions to Literature

Jill Mountain

January 26 2015

Literary Analysis
In literary work conflict is the theme that carries the story through. It is conflict that makes literal work bring forth its meaning to the readers or to the audience. Every literal work has some sense of conflict and "A Worn Path" is no exception, as seen in Phoenix 's conflict with nature and the landscape. How phoenix handles the hardship encountered on the way help the author to define his character. There are also outward conflicts manifested in the story through the interaction between the actor and the hunter and his encounter with the attendant in doctor’s office. The hunter is astonished by the fact that despite pointing a gun at this old granny she is never moved, she remains unafraid causing the hunter to tell her these; "Well, must be a hundred ye old, and scared of nothing. The conflict with the attendant shows the other character of phoenix that is respect in the face of racial and age discrimination. She was hardened not to speak to the women until the nurse comes in to intervene by explaining who she is. Phoenix refuses to accept bribes from the attendant she offers due to her quilt in the attendant and she told her that, "Five pennies is a nickel." Through the use of the conflicts, which seem ordinary, Welty shows how daily life can be a struggle for someone like Phoenix. Throughout the entire story phoenix encounter several challenging tasks, these same challenges becomes the conflict she faces. As she tries to overcome conflict she is faced with several inhibiting factors that are against her in the conflict. Travel long journey was quite a challenge due to her age. He...

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...h Welty and Frosts may seem that they carry the same message because both short story and poem is about directions but also have their differences. Both speak of paths, roads and choices. The differences is that one is a short story while the other is a poem. The differences is that Welty about an old lady and her journey in life. She remembers stories and paths that she had taken many times before. While “The Road Not Taken” is about making choices and how it will affect us for the rest of our lives.


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