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Lucky Hiroshima! Essay

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August 6, 1945 at approximately 8:08 am, just as parents are heading off to work, children running to school, families eating their breakfasts.
A bomb named “little boy”, dropped by the United States, was realised into the air falling 13,000 feet down to the unknowing people of Hiroshima.
The bomb exploded at 8:15 am 100 feet of the aiming point. The fireball measured 18,000 feet across, the temperature at the center of the fireball measured 100,000,000 degrees Celsius.
Within less than a minute of falling ,the bomb exploded over the city. Hiroshima was blown into bits. Anyone in the city died instantly, their outlines left imprinted on the streets. Those who didn’t die at once, died within a few hours.
But, why LUCKY Hiroshima?
When President Truman became president on April 12th he was informed within a few hours that a new bomb was being developed by atomic scientists.
They had called it an “atomic bomb” (soon to be nam...

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