Persuasive Speech: Solar Power Essay

Persuasive Speech: Solar Power Essay

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Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that that solar power should become the main form of alternative energy in the Unites States.

Attention Getter: Let’s look ahead fifty years and see what the world is like. Imagine a world that is in total war with no end in sight. The cause behind this war is simple, oil. Everyone is fighting over those last few reserves of oil. How can this future be prevented? The answer is solar power.

Claim: Solar power has the potential to become the United States main supply of energy and replace are needs for more conventional and harmful forms of power generation.

Significance: The United States must face the fact that the world is running out of oil and with today’s rising oil prices, economic and political instability in regions where the United States gets the majority of its oil, this country must begin looking into alternative means of energy to replace oil and end our dependence on foreign powers.

Preview: Today I will discuss the potential that solar power has to become this country’s main supply of energy and the latest research that can make solar power more efficient and cost effective. I will also present the environmental benefits that come with using solar power over other and more harmful forms of energy.


I. With the world’s supply of oil running dry the Unites States must begin looking into new sources of energy, and the most promising is solar power.
A. Scientists predict that in the next several decades the world will run out of oil. According to the article How Fast is the World Running out of Crude Oil by Umut Newbury accessed from the EBSCO Host database states that “world oil production o...

... middle of paper ...

... must be universally adopted, and solar power is the key to unlocking that bright future.

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