Problem Solving, Higher Order Thinking And Analytical Thinking Skills Essay

Problem Solving, Higher Order Thinking And Analytical Thinking Skills Essay

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Often children struggle to understand the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’ This struggle found its way into gifted education with the case of C.C. v. North Allegheny School District (2011). In this case, C.C. was identified as gifted in elementary school and his academic strengths were noted as problem solving, higher order thinking and analytical thinking skills. At issue in this case was the district’s refusal to permit C.C. to take two Advanced Placement courses, AP Psychology and AP Economics, that are typically not available to students in C.C.’s grade level. Given that these courses do not align with the strengths previously addressed in GIEPs, the district instead offered the student introductory courses in psychology and economics along with a plan to differentiate the curriculum as necessary to meet the student’s needs. The student chose not to take the introductory courses. The parents sole concern was the appropriateness of the GIEP and they focused exclusively on the inability to take the identified AP courses. The student is taking five honors classes, has access to a catalog of enrichment opportunities and the district has agreed to differentiate curriculum to meet the learning needs of the student. The hearing officer ruled that the plan was indeed appropriate in this case. This is an example of a plan that meets the needs of a student, but may not encompass all of the wants that parents and students have.
One of the primary responsibilities of the gifted support teacher is developing the GIEP. The most important section of the GIEP is the Present Levels of Performance section. In this section, the gifted support teacher collects data and evidence of where the student is academically at the ...

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...The bulk of legal cases are in the realm of special education, but only time will tell if gifted education will challenge our highest courts. For now, district administrators and teachers must continue with due diligence to meet the needs of gifted learners, but they must always stay abreast of rulings from the Office of Dispute Resolution. By following the due process hearings, districts can identify commonalities with their own district practice and adjust as needed. Gifted education enrollment numbers are dwarfed by the special education numbers, but the parents of gifted students are no less vocal and often have more resources available to them. Regardless of what the law has said or will say, it is the school’s responsibility to grow all learners, but realize that is our gifted learners who have the innate ability to truly make a difference in our world.

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