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Computer Games: An Approach to Increase Critical Thinking in Mathematics

- There are many views surrounding the use of computer games in the classroom. Some argue that computer games are a valuable asset to the education sector while others are skeptical about this view. The truth is that people have changed the way they interact in the 21st Century and technology has played an important role. According to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2009, only twenty-six percent of U.S. students scored above level 4 (level 4 refers to the ability to complete higher order tasks) in the area of mathematics....   [tags: education, gaming, technology, learning]

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How E-learning can be useful and successful in professional life

- E-learning is usually delivered, enabled or mediated by the use of electronic technology. The explicit purpose of e-learning is training, learning or even development within the organization. Owing to advancement in technology and the popularity of Internet, it has become possible to conduct education virtually. The instructor and the learner can interact virtually so that the learner gets information and instruction delivered by the instructor via the Internet. There are several advantages associated with e-learning for organizations and individuals....   [tags: electronic technology, education, advancements]

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The Next Generation at Risk

- Technology has been around for several years and is still advancing today. First introduced during the 1800's Industrial Revolution, where people began working in factories and cities. Now people in the 21st century are experiencing a new revolution where technology has practically taken over. However, one place where technology is missing, is in schools. The problem is that educators do not have enough resources to integrate technology in every classroom. Then, there are policymakers, placing education at the bottom of their priorities....   [tags: technology, education, policymakers, failure]

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Application for a Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering

- ... Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that utilizes radio communication to identify objects with a unique electrical identity. The widespread deployment of RFID technologies may generate new threats to security and user privacy. A hardware implementation of the mutual authentication protocol for the RFID system was simulated using Modelsim XE II and synthesized using Xilinx synthesis technology. The project experience unearthed the skills hidden in me. The projects being group work taught me the virtues of group co-ordination, continuous interaction and team work which are essential qualities needed to build one’s career....   [tags: education, experience, technology]

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Vocational and Technical Teachers in Malaysia

- An issue arises whether the teachers in this country are ready to face and handle the challenges due to the birth of technology especially ICT in and out of school and due to the fact that the latest technology has acquired unique characteristics with lack of appropriate professional development, for these reasons it is necessary for teachers to be ready in terms of their knowledge, skills and also attitude in order to fully exploit the advantages in ICT (Rosnaini Mahmud, 2006). According to Ely (1995) the stress should not be on the technology itself but more on the teachers who will decide on the purpose in using the technology, how it is utilized and evaluates the effect of its use....   [tags: Education, Computer Technology]

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Textbooks versus Tablets

- ... For instance, what if a school shooting all of a sudden happens at your child’s school, what will happen if the child cannot contact his parents. Just in Colorado, a student who was planning to kill 100 students and teachers killed himself in a violent attack after 10 deaths. If technology were allowed in the school system, we would have prevented at least 10 deaths because students would be contacting their closest family members to prevent this catastrophic disaster. Having technology is like having a guardian angel....   [tags: technology in education]

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Critical Computer Applications in Language Learning

- Computer application in language learning have become vital and critically important for the language learners nowadays. This situation is due to the emergence and practicality of the software and unlimited sources on the net that somehow help the learners to learn in a way that is more effective and efficient. Moreover in Malaysia the government through the ministry of education have put the importance for the students and educators in this country to master the knowledge of computing technology and make use the availability of it to the maximum level in order to help them in obtaining and achieving more success in the learning process....   [tags: technology, education, CALL]

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Effects of Internet on Everyday Lives

- In my opinion, I believe the Internet has one of the largest effects on our everyday lives. The reason being is that it involves social media through growth of near-instant communication. Enhance Telecommunication has been around longer than people think. Social media started back in the 1950's such as typewriters. However, people did not consider typewriter a basic form of the Internet. The history of the Internet originated with the growth of electronic computers in the 1950s. Initial concepts of packet networking began in many computer science laboratories in the United States....   [tags: education, communicating, technology]

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Textbook versus Online Book

- ... They need to be able to adapt to the change of the times. People in general also spend a lot of time in front of their computers, so why not kill two birds with one stone. Yes, rhetorical question. When you also consider the fact that most textbooks are at least a few pounds, it’s so much more efficient to be able to, with the click of a mouse, open and read the same exact content on the internet. When I say ‘more efficient’, I’m attempting to come from the perspective of time. Online books in general are searchable....   [tags: technology and education]

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Massive Open Online Courses

- Introduction to MOOCs Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, have recently come into the public eye as a topic of interest. Whether as an alternative to traditional education, a way to enhance skills in the work-place, or as a way to make education freely available to everyone, many teachers, institutions and students are currently participating in MOOCs. However, as with any new technology, MOOCs are not yet fully understood, in terms of their impact, quality, and effectiveness. In this vein, the MOOCs have the potential to change the face of education, and how teaching is done, but at what cost, or at what benefit....   [tags: education, effectiveness, technology, teaching]

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Computer Aided Learning

- Computer Aided Learning Definition of CAL CAL is an abbreviation of Computer Aided Learning and is one of the most commonly used acronyms within education. It is difficult to say exactly when the term "CAL" was first employed, however since the mid 1980s CAL has been increasingly used to describe the use of technology in teaching....   [tags: Education Technology cal]

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Technological Mastery And Technological Abundance : A Comparison. School Divisions And Educational Institutions

- Technological Mastery and Technological Abundance: A Comparison School divisions and educational institutions are under pressure to provide their students with the most up-to-date educational technology—be it hardware or software. This new technology generally comes because of a grant or different allocation of the budget, causing infrequent introduction of technology to teachers in overwhelmingly large doses. Incoming technology is generally introduced into educational buildings over the summer break; resulting in teachers returning to work; receiving a minor professional development session on the newly acquired technology and have a brief period to create materials that utilize the new p...   [tags: Education, School, Technology, Teacher]

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New Learning Opportunities for Adult Learners

- New Learning Opportunities for Adult Learners The concept of adults as learners emerged both in this country and in Europe shortly after World War I; however, only in the last few decades has the theory of adult learning matured. Knowles, Tough, Houle, and Park, among others, have written extensively on the idea of the adult learner. In Tennant's book (1997), he discussed Knowles' adult learning theory. Knowles used the term andragogy to label adult learning theory. The andragogical model of the adult learner is based on the assumptions that adults need to know; adults have a need to be self-directed learners and have a self-concept of being responsible for their own decisions and for...   [tags: Internet Education Technology Papers]

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Statement of Purpose for a Masters in Electronics Engineering

- Now we are living in the world where almost everybody knows the word computer and more than 60% of people know how to use it. Computer technology is not confined to any one particular industry and its usage is in almost all the sectors. My avidity towards computer started back from school days when I got my first computer. I was always intrigued to know what made it so fast and amazing and never missed a chance to keep myself updated with the literature and latest software in this field by reading magazines and blogs on the internet....   [tags: education, extracurriculars, technology]

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Comparative Study of Traditional and Online Degree Programs

- ... Project Methods Information gathered to compare the options would come from several different types of sources: • Websites • Interviews • Discussion Boards • Email Exchanges with Schools Websites School websites and websites that compare schools will be used to evaluate the options. Most of the information for cost, graduation rates, application requirements, post-graduation employment rates ( i.e. ease of finding a job post-graduation ), internship opportunities and quality of jobs found post-graduation will be gathered from these websites....   [tags: communication technology for distance education]

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Personal Statement for Electrical Engineering

- Diagnostics Essay Electrical engineering is the major that I am pursuing during my college career. I decided to pursue this major because it is a career, which requires knowledge in other subjects, it is a career, which changes often, and everyday it provides a person with new problems to solve. My decision to become an electrical engineer was not a decision I took too long ago. It is something that I decided to pursue when I entered a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) high school....   [tags: education, major, technology]

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Should LAUSD Issue iPads to Students?

- Education is the one of the most important gifts a child can receive. Since day one, children use the gift of education in order to get a better understanding of themselves and their surroundings. As the child grows up, he is sent to school in order to expand his knowledge through the education he receives. The education that the child receives in school will affect them for the rest of their life. Often though, the education a child receives seems to be the adequate one, but in the last couple of years, parents and students began to stand up against to what it seems to be inappropriate education....   [tags: Education, Schools, Technology]

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Technology in the classroom

- In identifying a problem in middle school settings, a curricular problem that many schools are lacking is having the necessary resources to integrate technology into the classroom. The active use of technology has been on the rise in the educational setting for several years. Schools are now implementing technological courses and lessons in middle grade schools to help students to become successful in the classroom. In becoming more academically inclined, students should be provided with lessons that are enriched with technology....   [tags: Education]

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Motivational Exploits of a Magsaysay Awardee: What Inspires Me the Most

- ... These are what my adored Ramon Magsaysay Awardee proved. While some could simply grasp the venture to conquer the highest possible educational attainment, there are likewise some who could not afford the prerequisite amount of funds to have their minds enriched with incremental knowledge bequeathed from schools. It has been a countrywide challenge to make education possible, even to those who dwell in the farthest of grounds, regardless of all the nuisances, blunders and mishaps that are conceivable....   [tags: education, filipinos, science, technology]

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Cyberbullying and E-Safety: What Educators and other Professionals Need to Know

- Cyberbullying has become an increasingly common trend but individual interpretation has made understanding its definition sometimes confusing and unclear. Cyberbullying is defined as torment, harassment, intimidation or pressure that is applied to an individual that takes place by using new media. “We use the term new media to describe a media ecology where more traditional media, such as books, television, and radio are converging with digital media, specifically interactive media and media for social communication” (Ito et al., 2009)....   [tags: bullying, media, technology, education]

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Statement of Purpose for an Engeneering Degree

- For the past few decades man is advancing into the unknown realms of technology and science. This advancement is to make life easy and to increase human comfort at home and at work. I would like to be an integral part of crew that drives the world to such betterment. For this, research would be of prime importance with hands on experience in real time applications accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the subject. Since a good research career can only be built on the firm foundation of good education, I intend to put to use my innate and acquired knowledge to do my Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering....   [tags: engineering, technology, education]

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Nationalism in America: The Reform Movements

- ... Horace Mann was the leader of the reform and was the Massachusetts state’s supervisor of education. He rose the taxes in the state to build better public schools, raise the salaries of the teachers, and give the teachers special training. Man also lengthened the school year to six months and made improvements in school curriculum. By the mid 1800s most states fallowed in Horace Mann’s steps. Even though the school system was moving in the right way it still for the most part did not except females....   [tags: education, industrial, transportation, technology]

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Laptop for Every Pupil in Uruguay

- Laptop for every pupil in Uruguay Website: BBC News A- Presentation of the Issue President Tabaré Vázuqez from Uruguay, decided to provide a laptop to every child attending state primary school. This plan, The “Plan Ceibal”, enables teachers and students to continue with the lesson plan they already had, and changes how teachers have been giving lessons, and how students have received them. In addition, teachers are not being well prepared for computers since the extent to which they use the laptops in the classroom are up to them, so by this, students may not be satisfied by this change and some of them may just not take advantage of them and it woul...   [tags: computers, internet, technology, Education]

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The Future of Scholarship

- The Future of Scholarship Introduction: The development and rapid movement in the field of technology has changed the face of modern society from what it was twenty years ago. Information and communication technologies have changed dramatically even in the last ten years. Electronic mail, listservs, and the Internet, to name a few, are all parts of the new technology that is re-defining scholarly communication. In her article entitled “Scholarly Communication” Christine Borgman states that “[r]esearch was clustered around three variables: producers of the communication ....   [tags: Education Technology Electronics Essays]

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Professional Development for Teachers

- Based on the inquiry of empowering professional development, many findings come into play. At times we feel as though professional development is worthless and a waste of time. Gusky also, addresses that at times why so many professional developments are inadequate. There are reasons why we feel that way and reasons of which we should not have if we were actually getting something out the workshops. A common goal must first be set in the mind of the participants thus leading to the building of professionalism of the school system....   [tags: Education, teaching, technology]

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Television is a Bad Influence

- In present day’s technologically advanced society, Television plays a major role in people’s lives. It not only provides entertainment and relaxation but also establishes a link between us and the rest of the World. Television also keeps us aware of news and of essential information such as weather updates. But, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co, the total amount of Television watched annually in America reaches an astounding amount of 250 billion hours with only 32% of it being informational. Considering the detrimental effects of Television, which has outnumbered its benefits, I assertively agree that Television has a bad influence on people and you will too after finishing this essay....   [tags: technology, education, violence]

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Lesson Planning and Teacher Chat Rooms

- Lesson Planning and Teacher Chat Rooms The nature of research and discovery of a topic at one time used to be complicated. Going to the library, searching through piles of cards that were categorized and confusing in itself. Trying to find the various sections of material and checking out the material (books, periodicals, etc.) I just thought, thank God for the library course offered through the University. How would I have ever found what I was looking for. I could brows through the high school, junior high school library, but when I got to college and saw the different library buildings....   [tags: Education Technology Internet Papers]

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Differences in the Education Quality That Students Receive Due to Technology: Wealthy Private Schools vs. Inner City Schools

- Differences in the Education Quality That Students Receive Due to Technology: Wealthy Private Schools vs. Inner City Schools Technology in schools is becoming increasingly more important. Computers in the classroom have become not only a learning aid, but also a necessity for the educational process. However, computers, Internet access, televisions, and other such technological advancements cost money, a lot of money. President's Panel on Educational Technology recommends that the government spend anywhere from six to twenty-eight billion dollars each year on an ambitious program of computer infrastructure development (both hardware and software), teacher training, and research (Johnson, 2...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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College Writing in a Democratic and Digital Society

- College Writing in a Democratic and Digital Society Citizens of the United States spend obscene amounts of money to get a quality college education. For example, Rhetoric classes at Oakland University are costing each student about $600 to take for one semester. What are students getting for their money. One way to really make this class part of the college experience, and worth the high cost, would be to involve multiculturalism. Writing about and listening to other peoples personal experiences can help students learn about and better understand other cultures....   [tags: Education College Technology Essays]

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Filtering in Libraries and Schools

- Filtering in Libraries and Schools We read about blocking some kinds of internet sites in public libraries and schools by using filtering software. There are problems on how to define an obscene piece of material, the list of filtered sites is not available to user , restricting access of adults, not just children, and affecting the lives of poor people who cannot afford PCs by filtering many sites. I think everyone agrees that we should protect children from harmful sites. However, it is difficult to make a restriction which is acceptable by all users....   [tags: Education Technology Papers]

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Technology And Technology : The Tech Integrationist

- The role I found most interesting was the tech integrationist. This role was the most interesting to me because as a tech integrationist you still work frequently with students. It is a good mix of working with staff and students at the same time and allowing them to create their own original projects and watch them engage with the technology in order to learn. This is definitely a role I could see myself in someday because of the interaction with both technology and students. I agree with Josh’s statement from the video that he could never work at the state level for education and technology because he would miss the students too much, and that is is hard enough not having his own classroo...   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning, Google Apps]

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Technology And Teachers : Technology

- Technology and Teachers For the past 20 years, technology has a revolutionary tool for education, by allowing the utilization of information found on the World Wide Web. Teachers have adopted the digital age, by the use of various computer programs, and by incorporating the internet. Michael Trucano, a Senior Education & Technology Policy Specialist, who is a global lead for innovation in education, admits that “technology will never replace the teachers, but teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who do” (1)....   [tags: Education, Internet, Teacher, Instant messaging]

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Classrooms Must Access the Internet

- Classrooms Must Access the Internet    Times are changing. Only ten years ago, the average family could not afford a personal computer for the home. Over the last decade, prices have fallen causing the availability of computers to rise. Computers have made their way into almost every business and school. Functioning without them seems somewhat difficult to most people. Schools are especially interested in investing in the technology of tomorrow. Computer classes have been created along with typing courses to aid students in every way possible in preparing them for the world of tomorrow....   [tags: Technology and Education]

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Laptops Should be Banned from the Classroom

- Should students have the right or privilege to be able to use laptops in the classroom. There are numerous reasons why laptops should not be permitted in the classroom, Laptops make it very difficult for students to be creative in classroom activates. The students may find themselves becoming distracted from the lectures due to MySpace and other entertaining computer programs. Laptops prove to be huge distractions to the teacher do to the loud clicking of keyboard keys and the blank stare on the students faces while they type their notes....   [tags: education, computers, technology]

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Did Computers Really Change the World?

- ... It would take numerous hours for workers to do what computers do to keep large businesses or industrial manufacturers running like they do with computers. With the right knowledge computers can improve business efficiency, investment, building products, and really unlimited amounts of things depending on the business (Yu 234). At the same time of so many improvements it is also fair to look at the negative sides of computers in the industrial section. It is widely known that industrial manufacturers tend to pollute the air, which then causes global warming and a fear that the sun is going to burn up the earth....   [tags: communication, education, government technology]

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Statement of Purpose for a Masters in Telecommunications Management

- Our world has changed. In the early days one would need to spend a lot of time and resources to deliver a letter or a piece of news – people had to send messages through enormous territories, using animals and birds. Nowadays it takes only several seconds to receive a message from another part of the world. Can you imagine that. Billions of users all around the globe, terabytes of information are sent from one continent to another, amount of nodes between the sender and the receiver could be greater than a thousand....   [tags: networks, technology, education]

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What Can an iPod Do for You?

- In today’s world, in general, everything moves faster. Daily routines also would not be complete without technology. Often it is believed that technology becomes worthless when one does not know how to use it, in which I completely agree. Without the internet millions of people would go around town not know what was going on in the world. I, for one, grew up listening to music and I have always loved it. Shortly after the Christmas of 2007 I made a purchase that forever changed music and my life together....   [tags: iPods, technology, education,]

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Cell Phones in School: Nuisance or Learning Tool

- ... Shane states, “The idea of allowing phones in class is being raised as a possible safety measure after the Newtown, Conn., school shooting” (A4). Recent increase in violence should exemplify the importance of cellphones in pacifying this increase in violence. Cell phones in school would allow students and parents to stay within easy access in case of emergencies. In some cases, schools have started relaxing cell phone policies due to disasters over the years. In the USA TODAY article journalist Josh Higgins quotes Dan Domenech, Executive director of the American Association of School Administrators he tells of how cell phones have started increasing in numbers....   [tags: information technology and education]

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The Smart Classroom

- The Smart Classroom The classroom is a place that is constantly trying to be improved for the betterment of students’ education. New teaching methods and improvement in environment are all constantly being researched; however, recently, research on technology in the classroom has flourished. The Smart Classroom contains these technological advances and triggers them toward in-hancing student learning. Classrooms in the past never really took into consideration that all students learned differently, so one method of teaching was used....   [tags: Education Technology Smart Technolgies Essays]

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Universities of the Future

- Universities of the Future Universities progress as technology advances. A vision of Universities of the future is only possible with a vision of the technology of the future. With the current pace of technological growth it is almost impossible to imagine what is in store for the future of the university. It is exciting to think of what State U. will become in both the near and distant future. Laptops, wired classrooms, and technologically enriched curriculums are only the beginning. As visions of State U's future develop, dreams of newly renovated classrooms, dorms, and offices materialize....   [tags: Technology Education]

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Technologies and Traditional Classroom Pedagogy

- Problem Statement Only limited quantitative, pre-experimental studies are available on integrating wireless laptops into southeast Georgia’s rural public school curricular (Moore, 2009). The research problem in this study will focuses on some reasons teachers do not routinely use wireless laptops. Available technology remains an unused resource because many teachers feel that viewing intensely at their pedagogy and inquiring whether the existing curriculum is engaging enough to teach with wireless laptops effectively (Teo, 2009; Skevakis, 2010; Weston & Bain, 2010)....   [tags: Education, Teachers, Wireless Technology]

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Internet In The Classroom

- Internet in the Classroom The Internet is a network of millions of computers worldwide, connected together. It is an elaborate source of education, information, entertainment, and communication. Recently, President Bill Clinton expressed an idea to put the Internet into every classroom in America by the year 2000[4]. Considering the magnitude of this problem, and the costs involved, it is not realistically possible to set this as a goal. The Internet allows the almost five million computers [1] and countless users of the system to collaborate easily and quickly either in pairs or in groups....   [tags: technology, Education]

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Cyber Age of Education

- When I am asked to look back at my education, I come to realize that my generation is participating in a changing segment in the history of education. Starting school from pen and paper, my generation has gone through the period when education was about static textbooks and handwritten papers but we are now in the movement toward a new cyber age. We have come from a history where religious and ethnic culture played a major influence in education but now our advancing technologies shift the major contributors to computers and electronic media....   [tags: Technology]

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Statement of Purpose for a Master of Science in Computer Science

- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (SOP) Major: Master of Science in Computer Science (MS in Computer Science) When I was 13 years old my father presented a personal computer as a birthday gift to me. Having seen the profound impact which personal computers have made and witnessed its prolific growth right from my childhood, it has been a great fascination for me to study computers and related technologies. This childhood fascination made me opt for Computer Science as mainstream diploma subject. With invigorating enthusiasm throughout the course duration, I completed my diploma with a good percentage....   [tags: technology, education, qualifications]

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The Benefits of Allowing Cell Phones in the Classroom

- Ever since incidents such as 9/11 and Columbine, high schools have started implementing new rules regarding cellphones. Cellphones regard the attention of building managers, teachers, parents, and students. Although teachers see them as a distraction and a way to cheat, they can be quite helpful to students. School districts should permit students to use cellular devices in school for purposes of improving their education and providing themselves a sense of security. By permitting the use of cellphones in school, students can increase their knowledge and complete school work by using applications and other features on their smartphones....   [tags: technology, education, trends]

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Social Network and its Impact in America

- About a decade ago, if I had told my friend that I got poked by someone, chances are he would have interpreted that statement entirely different than in the present. To individuals today, poking is simply an insignificant yet entertaining online feature of a social networking site. It is discrepancies like this that epitomize the rise of the social networking epidemic. On February 4th of 2004, a college student named Mark Zuckerberg debuted his simple idea of a website called Facebook. Zuckerberg’s original intention was to communicate with his friends at his school of Harvard University....   [tags: Technology, Education, Politics]

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Internet Integration Into the Classroom

- Internet Integration Into the Classroom Internet integration into the classroom is a great way to foster learning while delivering relevant and interesting lessons. There are numerous ways of incorporating Internet use into a classroom; however, this integration should be thoroughly scrutinized. No tool should be integrated into a classroom without first ensuring that it will be an effective and safe means of instructional delivery....   [tags: Internet Education Technology Classroom]

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The Current Status of Computers and their Future Trend

- Introduction Computer is playing a more and more important role in our daily life. People using their computers nearly every minutes, while they are traveling on the public transports, working in their office, studying at school and entertaining at home. This article would describe the current status of computers, criticize the current status, discuss the future trends of computers and describe a few wishes of mine towards the future of computers. Current Status of computers 1. Education Computers have been widely used in education....   [tags: education, ebooks, technology, cloud computimg]

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iPads and Tablets In Elementary Classrooms

- Tablets and iPads are being used in elementary schools to advance the technology in classrooms. Some say that these devices are being used in classrooms because elementary students in this generation are already using these devices at home for learning. Schools all over the United States have begun to carry out million dollar plans to supply their students with Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung electronic “notebooks”. Many schools have hopped on the bandwagon and decided to incorporate iPads and Tablets into their curriculum....   [tags: Technology Advancements, Schools, Education]

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Cheating to Success

- Today the world is much more connected by technology than ever before. Access to limitless information is all but a search away. Information ranging from how to cook a meal to the text of the declaration of independence with detailed annotations. Today the possibilities are limitless. Not only is it available in the household on the “old fashioned” home PC, but now due to smart phones access to information is anywhere and anytime. Is that ease of access affecting the learning process of today’s youth....   [tags: technology, education system, teachers]

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Computer-supported Collaborative Learning

- As John Carroll and Ann Bishop state “Most learning takes place in communities.” (2005). This could be informal communities, such as a conversation at a workplace, or it could be a more formal setting such as a distance education course. Regardless of the level of formality, humans learn from one another through communication in some fashion. The issue for educators, then is how best to channel this natural tendency for learning, and how to best utilize technology in the process. Therefore, computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) focuses on employing the benefits of collaborative learning via networked computers (Computer-supported Collaborative Learning, 2007)....   [tags: computers, technology, education]

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Statement of Purpose

- Statement of Purpose By virtue of the constant and incessant research and development being carried out in the field of computers, this technology, having pervaded every domain known to man, is effectuating tremendous progress and advancement even as I frame this statement. My undergraduate study in the field, certainly served to provide me with a keen appreciation for its remarkable reach and while each subfield that I explored provided me with a different perspective and furthered my fascination with this realm of science, it was the curriculum courses in Database Management Systems, Data Structures and Algorithm, and Information Technology for Management of Enterprise that most excited me...   [tags: engineering, technology, education]

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Distance Learning

- Distance Learning Distance learning (education) has become an integral part of the education process over the past few decades and is growing in popularity as technology advances.(Willis 1992) describes distance education (as) "the organizational framework andprocess of providing instruction at a distance. Distance education takes place when ateacher and student(s) are physically separated, and technology…(is) used to bridge theinstruction gap." (Coutts 1996). Furthermore, "distance learning activities are designedto fit the specific context for learning, the nature of the subject matter; intended learningoutcomes, needs and goals of the learner, the learner's environment and the instr...   [tags: Education Technology Technological Papers]

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Distance Learning

- Distance Learning Currently, computers already play a prominent role in many aspects of our lives from personal works to education fields. The Internet can also be invaluable in linking people culturally and socially (Hacker & Capehart, 1999). Geographically and historically, most universities in the world offer distance learning to students through the Internet, and the distance learning is becoming a new trend of the 21st academy. In particular, computers will permit a degree of individualization-personalized coaching or tutoring (Gardner, 2000: 31)....   [tags: Education Technology Internet Essays]

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Children Using The Internet for School

- The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of the internet use in American Schools. How educators use the internet to teach our children and how children learn using the internet. Research Using Internet The internet is an important tool for students to find and access information ranging in every subject they are learning. Understanding and using internet and other technological tools can enhance the quality of education our children receive. Research has shown that 87% of all youth between the ages of 12 and 17 use the internet, of those youth 78% use the internet at school....   [tags: technology, Education]

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Statment of Purpose for a Computer Technician

- I go to San Diego Job Corps going for a computer tech. My trade that am going for requires The work of a computer technician basically involves performing installations and maintenance functions on computer systems and networks. It also involves solving problems that users have with their computers and consultation with regards to the computer and its operations. The specific skills needed for computer tech are knowing computer hardware and software as well as troubleshooting procedures and basic electronic repair....   [tags: technology, repairs, education]

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Learning to be a Citizen of Cyberspace

- Learning to be a Citizen of Cyberspace Most researchers agree that the growth of a knowledge-based society will bring about fundamental changes in the production, distribution and exchange of information and that most every social and cultural institution will be changed in some way, but none more than education (Negroponte, 1995; Oppenheimer, 1997; Stevenson, 1997; Upitis, 1997). This is because, more than any other social institution, education is fundamentally about knowledge, information, and communication....   [tags: Technology Education Papers]

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Online Teaching – Now and the Future

- Online Teaching – Now and the Future Online teaching is defined as any educational activity that requires a student to complete some learning or assessment activity via a personal computer and a connection to a network (Murdoch University Academic Council 1999). This network connection is usually to the Internet (Demirdjian 2002). It is a seen by the Murdoch University Academic Council as a teaching and learning technology, not a method of study (2002), but this depends on how it is to be used and by whom....   [tags: Internet Technology Education Essays]

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Use of the Internet in Elementary Schools

-      ABSTRACT:  By looking at certain WEB sites (AskEric, PBS, KidLink, Interactive Frog Dissection, Hillside Elementary School, and Dade County Schools) this paper examines the ways the WEB is used in elementary schools. In addition, this paper addresses some controversial issues that arise when the WEB is used in elementary classrooms.   The development and growth of the Worldwide Wide Web have had an enormous impact on several areas including government, business, and even education. The WEB facilitates the quick and easy exchange of information between millions of people....   [tags: Technology in Education Essays]

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High Schools That Work: Best Practices for CTE

- High Schools That Work: Best Practices for CTE High Schools That Work (HSTW), a school improvement initiative of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), has documented achievement gains by career and technical education (CTE) students at participating sites (Bottoms and Presson 2000). At HSTW sites participating in 1996 and 1998 assessments (Frome 2001), CTE students showed math and science achievement equal to the national average of all high school students—and exceeded the national average of CTE students in math, science, and reading....   [tags: Education Learning Technology Essays]

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Computers and Teaching

- Computers and Teaching Introduction: "The speed with which technology has developed since the invention of the computer has been extraordinary and surprisingly sustained. For educators, the rapid and continuing introduction of new technology into education, has outpaced the ability of teachers and developers to evaluate it properly, " says Levy, (1997:1). And he continues, that as soon as teachers have become acquainted with one kind of software and hardware and have developed some ability to use it for educational purposes, "better" machines appear to displace it....   [tags: Education Learning Technology Essays]

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Using Computers as Effective Teaching Tools

- Using Computers as Effective Teaching Tools How can I implement technology to improve my effectiveness as a teacher. I know that students, in general, enjoy using computers in the classroom. So how can we, as teachers, take advantage of the computer as a tool to instruct. Computers are used as teaching tools often to teach through the interactive mode. Students enjoy interactive learning because they can apply the learning to the real world. I know that computers have their pitfalls in the classroom....   [tags: Technology Education Educational Papers]

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Technology in the Classroom

- “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow”(Pollard). William Pollard had it right, even in the 1800’s. At the time, no one could fathom the expanse at which technology would develop. However, we now see that technology, namely electronics, have become very prevalent in the classroom environment. We have become so dependent upon our smart phones, computers and tablets; it is difficult to remember life without them....   [tags: education, learning, dependence, electronics]

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Replacing Textbooks with Tablets

- As more people began to access the Internet through smart phones and tablets rather than laptops and computers, it is not a surprise that they would also want to transform the American education system by bringing tablets into classrooms. In fact, a few schools around the country have already replaced textbooks with tablets and have seen improvements in students’ standardized test scores. Using tablets instead of textbooks is not only convenient and helpful, but it can also reduce the amount of paper wastes in school....   [tags: technology, laptop computers, education]

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The Age of Technology

- Why do we have technology. What does technology do for us as human beings. In The current generation, the age of computers; technology is progressing at a rapid pace. For every day that passes by, there is always a new piece of technology invented or being invented. Technology's soul duty has always been and will always be to assist us in our daily lives, and take away the mental and manual labor we would have had to do otherwise. Unlike the olden days before technology was invented, if you want to research or something you are now able to use technology as an advantage....   [tags: information, education, invention]

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Technology in the Classroom

- ... The internet system strictly forces students to only use technology in educational settings and prohibits them to turn educational experiences into games. The integration of technology in classrooms, will allow students to develop skills crucial for the 21st century. Especially, students will learn workplace skills that they will need in order to be successful in their futures. If students are introduced to technology at a young age, by the time they are in a career, technology will not be a barrier to pursue their dreams....   [tags: portable digital assistants in education]

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Technology in the Classroom

- In a short 80 years, progress has brought schools from slate boards to the internet. In 1984, Apple Computers were introduced in the classroom for students for the first time. By 1990, multimedia PCs were developed. In 1995, the internet began to catch on and between 1997-2007 the internet became the largest database of information, graphics and video (“ The History of Computers in Education”). Student learning has improved due to an increase in technology like computers/laptops, smartboards and iPads....   [tags: education, ipads, didactics]

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Interactive Cable Archives and Videoconferencing

- Interactive Cable Archives and Videoconferencing The integration of technology into curriculum and instructional practices in P-12 education has been gaining momentum in classroom reform across the nation (Mowre-Popiel, Pollard, & Pollard, 1994). Interactive and digital technologies are now recognized as tools by which educators can bring unique resources into the classroom (Schutte, 1998; Wise, 2002) and engage students in dynamic, self-constructed learning (Branzburg, 2001). The use of technology as a tool that supports instruction and learning is transforming the traditional way of teaching; both digital and geographically located resources now offer an enriched content that was not av...   [tags: Technology Education Curriculum Essays]

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Changes Brought Forth by the Second Industrial Revolution

- Throughout the decades America has seen many changes in technology, social standards, fashion, and education, but no time proves to hold as much change as the era of the second revolutionary period. The second industrial revolution changed America in countless ways, and is in important reason why America is the way it is today. Thanks to the second industrial revolution we were able to invent billions of new things that led us to the technology we all know and love. The second industrial revolution brought many changes to America as you will see from the social progress, inventions, and workforces....   [tags: technology, social standards, fashion, education]

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Computers in the Classroom

- Computers in the Classroom Education has recently become a major media topic, drawing daily headlines in newspapers across the country. One issue on this topic is the recent rush to increase technology in the schools. This frequently is referred to as educational technology. Educational technology is defined as " the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of process and resources for learning" (Ely 2000). The thought of incorporating technology into the classroom is an idea occurring only thorough the 20th century....   [tags: Technology Education Learning Essays]

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Statement of Purpose

- My immense interest in blending technology, people and information systems to improve people’s lives is the principal reason behind my career choice of Management in Information Systems. Information Systems has revolutionized technology by drastically shifting our lives from the humdrum to the extraordinary. The ubiquity of cutting-edge technological solutions has gifted human beings with innovations. It is imperative now that along with the spate of new technology a correct balance of technology and humanities is sought in order to implement wide-ranging programs, which satisfy an array of sectors....   [tags: technology, education, management]

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Computer Usage in Schools

- Computer Usage in Schools A computer is, “a programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve and process data” (Merriam-Webster). This tool once predominately used in homes and offices is making its way into our educational system. Technology is a growing part of our society today. We are beginning to see the use of computers in classrooms more and more. The increase of computer usage in schools, primarily elementary, has enhanced student learning. The study I looked at recognized the importance of technology in education, but then examined teachers’ educational background and knowledge of technology and its effect on their integration of computers and computer so...   [tags: Technology Education Learning Essays]

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Statement of Purpose

- It was a magic moment for me when I saw my first computer at my uncle’s house. It was a big black & white window’s 95 OS where I played my first game, Dave. The moment I touched the keys, the urge to learn this computer world got seeded inside. Academic As the time passed, the seed of learning got deep-rooted and hence I pursued Information Technology as a specialization for my degree. This provided me with a strong and comprehensive background especially in computers and telecommunications. The subjects like C, C++, Java and DBMS which were catered to us in the curriculum made me proficient in programming languages to such a level that I started creating my own games in C++....   [tags: information technology, education, computers]

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Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine That Benefits Students and Teachers

- Although I currently am not taking any mathematics courses, Wolfram|Alpha certainly has the capacity to be a valuable homework or study tool. In particular, its ability to handle calculus functions such as differential equations and integration, even providing visual representation for graphs and series, would have been an immensely helpful tool when I took AP Calculus in high school. Similarly, the details the engine can provide for chemicals and measurements, such as acceleration, would have been equally helpful for science classes....   [tags: internet, teaching, technology and education, math]

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Computers in Education

- Computers in Education Computers influence on education has been a widely argumentative issue. Opponents believe that introducing computers in schools will waste time, available funds and cognitive development by cutting down on vital learning experiences that a child should experience. Computers are a vital asset in education because they increase intellectual development, creativity, and promote correlations between teachers and students. Being that I am a new to fatherhood; I want to understand if technology can in fact be a precarious part of children’s education....   [tags: Educational Technology ]

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Teaching with Technology

- Introduction Several scholars indicated that K–12 teachers are not skilled, and lack confidence needed to infuse technology effectively into the curriculum (Francis & Mishra, 2008; Hennessy, Harrison & Wamakote, 2010; 2010; Teo, 2009; Weston & Bain, 2010). Teaching with technology is complex and also the challenge of newer technologies (Hennessy, Harrison & Wamakote, 2010). A number of K–12 schools across the U.S. is under pressure to integrate diverse technology resources into the curriculum (Weston & Bain, 2010)....   [tags: Education, K-12 Schools]

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Teachers and Technology

- Several scholars indicated that K–12 teachers are not skilled, and lack confidence needed to infuse technology effectively into the curriculum (Francis & Mishra, 2008; Harrison, & Wamakote, 2010; Teo, 2009; Weston & Bain, 2010). Teaching with technology is complex and the challenge of newer technologies (Koehler & Mishra, 2009; Ozek, Kesli, & Kocoglu, 2009; Weston & Bain, 2010; Hennessy). A number of K–12 schools across the US are under pressure to integrate diverse technology resources into the curriculum (Weston & Bain, 2010)....   [tags: Education, Wireless Computing, Teaching]

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The Development of Technology Curricula In The United States and New Zealand

- Introduction Curriculum directs the lesson of every teacher and helps us have a structured and systematic instruction. Curriculum is often referred to as reference material which tell us exactly what to do, when to do it and in what sequence. According to Ronald C. Doll ,1996 (as cited in Curriculum Overview), school curriculum is the process by which learners and students acquire knowledge and understanding, develop skills and change attitudes, appreciation and values under the guidance of that school....   [tags: Education]

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The Reliability of Education in the Classroom

- Students are now raised with advanced technology. They have computers, smart phones, and tablets at their disposal. With that being the new norm schools have to conform to include the new technology. Educators now have to look for a better way to communicate, educate, and evaluate their students. Utilizing software in the classroom will give the educator a great advantage, but technology must not be used alone. Educators must also use observation and other means to evaluate work. Technology is faster and more accurate, but technology is not always reliable....   [tags: Educational Technology ]

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The Role of Computers in Education

- From past to present, the advancement of technology make information and knowledge that enables people to communicate easily and quickly, until it can be applied widely. Shows that information technology is tools that can bring benefits come to appropriate education, if known to benefit and cost effective investment. And today can be considered a high technology device that has been a profound role that is "Computer", which is widely used in all industry. Especially, computer in education including uses of computers for educational administration, computers for teaching and learning, and computers for education service....   [tags: Advancement of Technology]

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