Essay on Technology: A Catalyst of Education

Essay on Technology: A Catalyst of Education

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Technology has played a big role in the change of education throughout the years. The research paper entitled Technology: A Catalyst of education aims to explain the importance of technology in education today, and to discover if education is a big factor in making a school a better place to learn for students. It will tackle mostly about technologies’ positive effects to our daily lives and the use of technology in classrooms. Technology is the making, adjustment, usage, and acquaintance of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, and methods of organization. Before, technology was very limited and was not used in schools unlike what we have today. It has evolved through the years. It plays a vital role in to humans and is also expected to develop more as time goes. At the early times, our ancestors discovered technology through their studies and efforts.
Today, technology is used in schools all over the world. Mostly in private schools. An example would be the use of projectors to show lectures that the teacher will use. Instead of using the board, teachers would rely more on projectors. Another example is the use of a USB to transfer necessary files to complete school requirements. Another way of transferring files is through the internet with the help of facebook. Teachers also use the internet to make announcements to their students. The school can also use it to make announcements to all their students and workers. The internet can also be used for students to aid them in their research and in their studies.
Some students may not be able to afford necessary things like a USB or even use the internet all the time. So it can also be hard for them. This research paper aims to tackle about the learning of students in sch...

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