Essay about Technology Affects The Education System

Essay about Technology Affects The Education System

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Many people have the availability at home, work, and school to get on technology. Although most people nowadays don 't know how to use technology in the classrooms, because it is just starting to be a big thing in the field of education. The student 's parents need to know what is happening when all we use to get our work accomplished is technology. Even though during the school day, technology helps the teachers and the students work more efficiently. Technology does create some negative effects in education that can cause problems for these children in the future. The negative effects technology brings on is that there are too many distractions, when it comes to the students learning. Technology also affects the kids in many ways like mentally, physically, and emotionally. It also is a negative thing because it can bring on cheating in tests, quizzes, and even classwork. When you have to bring technology to the schools, it can cause more debt. These few examples is how technology affects the education system.
Some people argue that technology helps the students pass their classes but in schools it makes the children get worse. Technology is the effect of these students getting worse, because it creates too many distractions. The distractions could be games. movies, music, and even just searching the web. Some children will not do their work because they are too busy doing other things on the technology that is in front of them. When the technology is in our hands, then we use it to entertain ourselves instead of working on what the teacher assigned us to do, the past few generations have grown up using technology to entertain our brains when we have nothing else to do, and that is why it is hard for us to complete the work. W...

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...he opportunities to apply for classes online, and get more education when they can’t physically go to the college. This helps them raise a family if they have one, also it helps them be able to get more money for their family. This is how technology is positive in in the educational field affects the students and teachers.
Technology isn’t always a positive thing when it comes to education. There are many contributors that make technology negative in the classroom environment. Having technology in class becomes distracting, when kids use it to cheat on important assignments, and also technology affected the children in mental, physical, and emotional ways, is how technology creates a negative atmosphere in the classroom. A positive aspect of technology in classes it that it allows the students and teachers to become more efficient when they are working and studies.

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