Technology and Education: A Positive Mix Essay

Technology and Education: A Positive Mix Essay

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According to Edudemic, 73% of college students say that they cannot study without some sort of technology. Assuming that they mean smartphones, computers, Apple products, e-readers, radios, and mp3 players, etc., this is not too shocking. The list of different kinds of technology that students use goes on and on. In the past decade or two specifically, there have been a substantial amount of changes in technology and education. Students have began to download their textbooks on e-readers. This has been very helpful and convenient for many. Online classes have also become more advanced and popular recently. Think about it: a student has school in the comfort of their own home, on their own computer. They have their textbooks at your fingertips, subtracting the weight of the pages; plus, no paper cuts. The price of books on an E-reader or tablet compared to the price of an actual book are also lower. However, this is not the only kind of technology that has been helpful to students. Although music may be a distraction to a student in school, for some college and high school students, music is an aid. Some students would agree that music not only helps them focus, but it also helps their mood rise rapidly. Studies by the University of Mississippi, supported by Medill, show that music does really make them happier. If one is happier, they are more likely to participate and do well in school. Although some readers may object that technology has a negative impact on education, a more educated answer would state that technology and education is a positive mix because it is more effective and efficient for students.
Newer technology such as laptop computers, tablets, and E-readers have basically taken over the use of textbooks and workshe...

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...On the other hand, it is actually very helpful and convenient. Without computers or tablets, an unnecessary amount of paper and ink. Not to mention, students have more time. For example, if a teacher makes a paper due Friday. If the school doesn’t have school that day, the students can turn it in online. They can send it to the teacher via email, or Google Docs. This is a more recent tactic, and most students ranging from high school to college have found it most helpful. Another reason that technology is accommodating to education is the fact that the student to teacher ratio is roughly 30:1. Most students need a lot of individual help, and it’s very difficult for a teacher or professor to give that to every student in just one class period. When you leave class, if you have internet access, you can either email the teacher, do an online tutoring process, etcetera.

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