Technology Education : An Effective Means Of Increasing Learning Essay

Technology Education : An Effective Means Of Increasing Learning Essay

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Technology in Schools: An Effective Means of Increasing Learning
Image a school with laptops available to each student to complete their class notes, teachers who are able to help their students through the screens of their computer, children who are excited to learn about numbers with the help of cute, animated characters. With the endless advancement of today’s technology, schools across the world have begun integrating various technology into their curriculum. These devices have the potential to greatly impact students in their learning. When a school opts to use technology in a school setting, the most important factors they should take into consideration are the benefits of using technological devices, the effectiveness of technology used for learning, and the cost of incorporating said technology into curriculum.
To begin, using technology in school has the potential to benefit students in various ways. For instance, technology can be particularly valuable with blended use of online and class instruction. Blended courses can be helpful for students with different kinds of strengths and weaknesses because they are set to the individual’s pace. "... the blended idea is learning that proceeds at a pace the student is ready for, rather than one set by the needs of an entire class (Schorr, Jonathan, and Deborah)." Learning is, therefore, most effective when the student is able to advance at his or her own pace. Often classes have a tendency to become either too fast or too slow because the pace is solely dependent on the ability of the class as a whole. Blended learning proposes a solution to this by letting the student process at his or her own speed. Likewise, online programs are beneficial to students as teachers can determine...

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...w-income immigrant charter schools in San Jose, California, is now one of the top 15 best performing low income schools in California because they have integrated online instruction into their curriculum (Schorr, Jonathan, and Deborah). Experimenting schools have shown the blending format is effective at saving money which can then be incorporated back into benefiting the students. This method is not only cost saving but also effective at bettering schools.
In summation, schools must understand the important factors that should be taken into consideration when integrating technology in curriculum including its overall benefits, effectiveness, and cost. The presence of technology in society today has become commonplace. Especially in schools does this technology need to be extended to increase the opportunities of young people in the technologically advancing world.

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