Technology, Education And Medical Care Essay

Technology, Education And Medical Care Essay

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My grandfather is 84 years old. He is still very active, plays golf every day, and works his land. He believes the world was a better place fifty years ago, because everything moved at a slower pace unlike today where everyone is always in a hurry to be more and accomplish more than everyone else. The last five decades have seen major improvements in the quality of life with regards to technological breakthroughs, medical advancements, and economic growth. The modern facilities in various sectors such as transport, communication, education, agriculture, and health improve the quality of individual 's’ everyday life. I believe the world is better today rather than fifty years ago with advances in many different areas such as technology, education and medical care.
Technology has come a long way in the last five decades, specifically computers. Fifty years ago, electronics such as a computers were not household items. The use of computers was a luxury only affordable to large organizations and government offices. However, today computers have become an inevitable way of life. Computers have simplified communication in the modern day and they have also turned the world into a small community in which people can interact with each other regardless of their geographical locations. I use computers for the majority of my day. I check email and manage my calendar and can even do some personal shopping online without ever leaving my office.
Fifty years ago the main mode of communication was through postal letters which would take days and even weeks to reach their location. Even though the telephone had been discovered fifty years ago, phone connectivity was regional with minimal efficiency and very high charges when crossing the borders...

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...ies in different ways. The technological developments have strengthened the family unit through connectivity such as the mobile phones and the internet. Technology has simplified learning and access to information for both the student and the academic content creators. It has also made business transactions much faster and simpler. The field of medicine has seen major advancements in the past five decades and improved the lives of many people. The field has experienced some critical discoveries that provide life with new dimensions. Considering all the changes experienced in the last fifty years, it is beyond doubt that life is better today. I think my grandfather who is currently trying to learn how to skype so he can keep in touch with family members who live far away can see a few upsides to all the new technology that has come along in the last five decades.

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