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Technology in Online Education Essay

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There has been much research into both online and traditional education that includes instructional methods and program design. In order for a learner to decide how they want to learn, we must evaluate the choice from their perspective. This paper examines both traditional and the various forms of online education from that perspective. It also considers the pros and cons of each form of education. Further, because educators now have a plethora of technological tools to assist them with course design and instruction, the discussion continues about how these tools can both obviate the negative aspects of online education.
Traditional Learning from the Learner’s Perspective
Learning in a traditional, face to face environment is a time-honoured tradition. Students like the interaction between each other and their instructor. Individuals who are younger and are pursuing a post-secondary education for the first time are more likely to choose the traditional method. They may be in residence and living away from home, and want to fully immerse themselves in college or university life. It is often a life-changing, social experience for many, where they will make new friends, work together on projects, and take part in special interest activities such as sports, music or other clubs.
Mature learners may already be established with jobs, families or other obligations that prevent them from relocating or taking up residence to further their education. They may also be asked to return to school or receive additional training by their employers as a condition of further employment. They are more likely to choose a school that is close to where they live.
Learners often choose the traditional method because they t...

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