Essay about The Use of Built Environments As A Means To Communicate

Essay about The Use of Built Environments As A Means To Communicate

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Communication is active behaviour. By communicating successfully, we understand, tackle and resolve issues. Various tools and environments have been developed to extend our ability to communicate. Built environment is not the exception and has been designed to aid various means and opportunities for us to gather and communicate in private and public contexts. With the advent of technologies, we were introduced to exponential abilities to communicate differently and have been encouraged, or pushed in some cases, to utilise the information and communication technologies (ICT) to their full extent. Built environments, however, have not caught up with this trend and do not promote or encourage any more communication than most buildings did several hundred years ago.
Some may argue that there has been an enormous development in the way architecture utilises ICT. Various design tools, management tools and construction technologies have been invented, developed and utilised successfully to build our environments and there clearly is no doubt architecture is one of the leading disciplines that implemented advanced modern ICT successfully. With regard to the use of built environments as a means to communicate, however, although there have been some significantly important attempts, it is fair to say there has hardly been any development in providing built environments that help occupants and users to communicate beyond the level buildings provided hundreds of years ago.
Some may also question that when there are various digital tools and infrastructure available, why do built environments need to offer means for people to communicate. This is an important question because if currently available tools resolve everything successfully, it ...

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... will no longer adapt only to their own requirements, but will begin to adapt with each other. They will become a collection of Co-Adaptive Environments that respond to a collective desire of city users.
This research speculates that the crucially missing component for most of current and past reconfigurable, adaptive and flexible architecture is the integrated communication system with which people can become active agents for changes. The system needs to motivate people to understand the current status of the building and needs, provide means for them to actively discuss possibilities and make changes to every aspect of their building and give sufficient authority to them as active members of the building community. The research is ultimately to investigate how Co-Adaptive Environments can be a means to introduce sustainable built environments for the 21st century.

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