Use of Informative Graphics to Communicate Complex Ideas Essay

Use of Informative Graphics to Communicate Complex Ideas Essay

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There is no better way to quickly communicate complex ideas to a wide audience than by using informative graphics. Graphics influence our purchases, warn us of danger, entertain us, and affect just about every area of our lives. However, in order to be effective they must successfully communicate their intended message to their anticipated audience. To do this, we must understand how to prepare visuals that communicate clearly and follow some basic rules.
The first step is to decide if you are going to use existing visuals or prepare your own custom graphics. Most of us have had some experience using clip art in a word processing document or PowerPoint presentation. Prepared clip art is by far the easiest and most widely used form of graphics for the average user. The user is able to select ready-made graphics from a fairly large database of images. It really is as simple as selecting the graphics that best suit your purpose. Some other options include utilizing works published elsewhere, using an employer’s in-house publication, or buying images from a commercial source (Alred, Oliu, & Brusaw, 1992). While most users will be able to communicate effectively with stock images, there are times when custom graphics may be appropriate. In these cases the user may choose to draw their own graphics and submit them to a graphics designer. Another option is to use a graphic design program to create your own custom image. Custom graphics are usually more appropriate when a more polished and professional appearance is needed. To be effective your simple clip art or custom graphics must communicate clearly.
Graphics communicate up to 60,000 times faster than text and can increase the odds that you will win work by 43% (P...

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...ive graphic users communicate clearly and effectively to their intended audience. This is easily achieved by ensuring that your stock or custom graphics are simple, unique, and shareable. Following this process will make certain that your graphics speak to the viewer and properly relay your message.

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