Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

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Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is not difficult to diagnose, doctors realize physical
characteristics of those with Down syndrome in the delivery room.
Although these characteristics have no functional or behavioral significance,
questions are normally asked about Down syndrome. Parents do not normally
see a resemblance between their child an a child with Down syndrome. Mere
appearance does not affect the child’s behavior at all. Though physical
symptoms are visual markers of other conditions that may impact the child’s
development. All different ages of people with Down syndrome share
appearance, and physical condition they also share some of the same kinds of
routine’s and treatments if needed.
Some examples of physical characteristics are the eyes which are
smaller and more slanted, they also tend to be closer together. The fingers are
shorter than a persons without Down syndrome they tend to bite and chew on
there fingers quite often, which could be hazardous and harmful. Many
physical characteristics are involved with Down syndrome, like the nose,
ears, skull, tongue, neck, and many more of these common characteristics are
affected by Down syndrome.
Many defects can come when you are diagnose with Down syndrome,
heart disease is one that can be involved, and can be critical with this disease.
A child with Down syndrome seam’s to lack the certain amount of white
blood cells that a person needs when they are born. The white blood cells
play a vital part in your immune system. Which is why you normally do not
get measles or chicken pox more than once. When someone is lacking such
cells they are more at risk. The life span of a person with Down’s varies and
depends on what defects are involved with that person individually. There is a
certain type of lymphocyte that they call a natural killer because it go’s
through and kills the malignant in the body.
Growth sizes are different from those without Down syndrome, which

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is why people with Down’s appear shorter. In the first 3 years of age the
growth rate is below average, even adult height is well below average.
Weight gain is especially slow in those with heart disease. Growth in head
size is also slower and usually follows the same pattern in height. Growth
charts are available for children with Down syndrome and are very useful in
these such cases.
Knowing how to help your child could help even more.

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