Roles People Played During the Revolutionary War

Roles People Played During the Revolutionary War

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Roles People Played During the Revolutionary War

Women were often referred to as "camp followers" and provided much of the nursing care, cooking help, the soldiers washing and some helped load artillery. Women looked after their loved ones, and kept family matters systematic, as well. A few were prostitutes, some officers' wives or mistresses, however the majority were married to ordinary soldiers.
Deborah Champion was a beautiful spy who took information to George Washington for three years during the American Revolution. Deborah Sampson felt that it was not impartial that men were only drafted into war. She was a "gender bender" and joined battle for three years. She was identified the first time after drinking with the other soldiers. Deborah was then thrown out. She disguised herself again, and went under another name. This time she was injured in the war, and during her recovery a doctor made her promise to leave after she recuperated.
Children were often paid no mind during this time. They too would act as spies by hiding in small spaces were they could not be seen. Men of power often spoke around children too, because they weren't aware of their insight or ability to repeat things back to others.
Men were superior in this time and looked down upon the women and children. George Washington, our first President was a significant general during the war. He had a straight forward character, and had that extra notability. Washington prevailed on Congress to adopt stricter regulations and to require enlistment's for three years or for the duration of the war. H wanted a disciplined force that could defeat the British in the large engagements of massed troops characteristic of eighteenth-century. Many soldiers and idealists offered their services to American representatives. They helped Washington fabricate a trained army. Military life was tough for the soldiers. They would carry heavy packs covering about fifteen miles a day and in all weather conditions. They were often wet, crawling with lice and hungry.

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These men were under a great deal of stress mentally and physically.
During this time frame men, women and children played important roles and worked together with the colonists. The men fought the battles, woman kept things in perspective for the men and children were infamous for repeatedly opening their mouths about the news they just heard, just as kids still do today. A chain of corporation occurred, both genders and all ages united for their rights during the war.

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