Years in the Life of Francine Prose Essay

Years in the Life of Francine Prose Essay

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It is common to hear that writers usually have a knack for reading, especially from a young age. Francine Prose is no different from them. This lifelong love of reading has contributed to Francine Prose's need to write (Bolick). Francine Prose has written just about thirty books and other literary works, yet she is by no means done yet (Hodara). The childhood of Francine Prose has greatly contributed to her success as a writer, not just from her love of reading, but by the gift of using her greatest sense; Her hearing. (Bolick; Carrigan).
On April 1, 1947, Francine Prose made her entrance into the world (Carrigan). Born to Phillip and Jessie Prose, both of whom were physicians, Prose grew up developing her ear for narrative storytelling (Carrigan). From a young age, Prose frequently listened to her father discuss his cases with his coworkers(Carrigan). Her avid listening skills were also strengthened by her close attention to the people close to her. Prose also had a love of reading, one developed at the age of four, and that caused her to realize the one thing she most wanted to do with her life (Bolick). Though her childhood was not the only thing that helped her to figure out what career she wanted to go into, her education played a crucial role(Bolick; Carrigan).
In 1968, Francine Prose graduated from Radcliffe college. She graduated with summa cum laude honors with a Bachelors degree in English. Soon after she graduated in 1969, Prose went on to begin a masters degree program at Harvard University(Carrigan). Prose soon realized that she was not cut out for grad school(Bolicks). Francine Prose left the Harvard program not that long after she joined in the year 1971 (Carrigan). She soon embarked on a trip to Mumbai, India ...

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